After graduating from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor of Science with a dual major in Sociology and Special Education, I had many exciting experiences.  They range from teaching and designing educational programs to owning my own sign language business called Signing With Theresa. I always wanted to pursue a career in which I can fulfill my personal and professional goals. My goal is to support society’s needs and the needs of the special education population.  


Living life as a special education student, I understand what my students felt like. I had had their struggles myself.  I had a vision impairment in which I saw double for 30 years, yet I still made my education possible. Due to my experiences as a student, I hold a degree in the special education field and have the compassion to move my students forward.


Teaching in the special education field, I have been able to reach all types of learners.  I always believe any child can learn; we have to learn how to teach each student correctly.


Mrs. Sunshine says: "Just remember….Close your eyes and dream…you will get there.”


I grew up in Massachusetts and lived there for 39 years, and now have been transferred with my wonderful Coast Guard family to Virginia. I am a mother of twin boys. My family is my pride and joy. 


I have written many books on special education topics from both my personal and teaching experiences.  I will be releasing more of my educational books soon. Other educational titles include Midnight Versus Sunshine and Best Buds for Life.


Additional books include a story about family life with a young girl helping her father through heart surgery with a special bond and their special penny called Bermuda Penny, My Father, Robbie and Ava and MePassion Land is a fun adventure book about a young girl going on an amazing journey.


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