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I am a graduate of Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor of Science degrees in Sociology and Special Education. I have held many instructional positions, ranging from teaching and designing educational programs to owning my own sign language company (Signing with Theresa). Supporting society’s essentials and the needs of the special education population has always been part of my life’s mission.  This mission has helped propel me to work hard to fill life and professional goal. It is not in me to back down from challenging situations. Instead, I strive to find a way that everyone involved can win.


I was a special education student so; I understand what these students experience. Their struggles, in most cases were my struggles.  I had a vision impairment in which I saw double for 30 years. With the help of some very talented people, I worked hard to make my education a success. Now with my degrees and work experience I am ready to compassionately give back. As a teacher, the best part is to watch your students reach their own optimal development.


Reaching all types of learners is the goal. Any child can learn; we must find that particular way to teach so as to maximize each child’s personal potential.


Mrs. Sunshine says: "Just remember…. Close your eyes and dream…you will get there.”



I have written several manuscripts on special education topics from both my personal and teaching experiences.  I will be releasing more of my educational manuscripts for publication soon. Other educational titles include Midnight Versus Sunshine, Best Buds for Life, Tommy and Mrs. Sunshine, Paying the Price, Alexander and His Saxophone, Johnny and Ben, Robbie and Ava, My Uncle Charlie and Me, Rainbow Pox, Bermuda Penny, My Father, and Kendra’s Sweet-tooth Birthday Party. 


Additional manuscripts for the younger reader too will be coming out soon. I have taken my above manuscripts and condensed them to TV scripts and the young reader children’s manuscripts series called,” Theresa and Fancy the Magical Frog.” Another story, just for fun is Passion Land.  Which is a fun adventure manuscripts about a young girl going on an amazing journey.


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