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Tune in to Queenie Clem's Children's Author Showcase this Saturday from 3pm-5pm


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Reading Across the World in Germany!

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How Awesome is it that my Idol, "Maria", Sonia Manzano from Sesame Street is holding my book Scribbles! 

“Multi-Award-Winning Finalist in the “Children's Mind/Body/Spirit” category of the 2017 International Book Awards and Best Books Award.” 

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Special Education Book


Scribbles is a young girl who struggles in school because school is hard for her. She would rather draw since creating frogs makes her happy. Mrs. Sunshine notices her struggle and guides her into her schoolwork where she can feel successful in both environments; school and drawing. Come along with Scribbles and watch how she conquers both!

"Just remember...Close your eyes and will get there."

Marquis Who's Who    Life Time Achievement Award 2018

"Mackiewicz has a talent for accurately portraying emotional struggles through the eyes of children and for inspiring adults to respond to these needs with concern and compassion." -- Megan Gliniecki, PHD

"As a school psychologist, I've found that books can be a very effective way to reach and teach students.  With its colorfully creative illustrations and positive story-line, Scribbles communicates the message that all students can succeed.  Children can relate with the struggling student and hopefully, come to identify the Mrs. Sunshines in their lives.  Educators and parents should find this book an engaging and helpful resource to have in their libraries." --Jeanette De Guzman Ed.M 

"Everyone knows that each student learns in his/her own way.  Scribbles by Theresa Mackiewicz gives struggling students a character to identify with and be inspiried by.  In addition, Ms. Mackiewicz's book gives teachers and parents useful strategies to help the struggling students in their lives succeed.  This book demonstrates the real power that educators have to make a difference in the outcome for every student."-- Becky Brennecke, parent

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Theresa Mackiewicz

"Just remember...close your eyes and will get there."

Writing for kids who struggle!

Check out my new dolls/puppets I designed for Scribbles on the Mrs. Sunshine Stategies/shop page!

Author Theresa Mackiewicz

So excited to share the UK interview information! Here it is!!

Chat And Spin Radio AGAIN!


Hi...Here is my interview.... if you fast forward to 1:16:32 to 1:20:00 it is there!

Thank you! 


Chat and Spin Radio Ian Johnson!





Thank you Ian Johnson and Ron Clark!