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TMack Books is a collection of manuscripts, ideas & published books for students who struggle with a wide variety of topics to help children better connect with their peers and for parents who support them. 

Changing education correctly for all learners. On-going educational workshops/coaching & video projects are currently in development.

Theresa Mackiewicz AKA ‘TMack’ is the writer and creative force behind the one-of-a-kind book series.


She has been a professional in the Special


Education field for over 20 years:

  • teaching

  • consulting

  • writing

  • speaking

  • advocating for emotional

  • social educational awareness.

Fancy and Mrs. Sunshine Website.jpg

Meet Fancy the Frog & Mrs. Sunshine… the friendly recurring characters in all TMack Books & Video projects. Children of all ages have come to love, laugh, and be inspired by these lovable new friends!

"Just remember...close your eyes and will get there."

--Mrs. Sunshine

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