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Scribbles....Mrs. Sunshine, a Special Education Teacher,  wants the best for all her struggling students.  Scribbles is a young girl who struggles in school because school is hard for her.  She would rather draw since creating frogs makes her happy. Mrs. Sunshine notices her struggle and guides her into her schoolwork where she can feel successful in both environments; school and drawing.  Come along with Scribbles and watch how she conquers both!


It might not always be easy, but it is always worth every ounce of energy! Mrs. Sunshine grew up with her father always saying, "If you fall down, brush yourself off, pick yourself up and start all over again!" Mrs. Sunshine always finds a way to help her students push themselves to the next level for success!

Scribbles and Mrs. Sunshine will show you how to understand specialized instruction at your fingertips!


ISBN 978-1-68401-277-0

Hard Cover 38 pages--$14.46

Kindle-- $6.99

Reading Level: 7-9 years old

Grade Level: 2-3

"Just remember...Close your eyes and will get there."

--Mrs. Sunhine

Tommy and Mrs. Sunshine Cover from Amazon.jpg

Tommy and Mrs. Sunshine


  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8399973777

    Paperback 38 pages -- $13.99

    Reading Level: 7-9 years old

  • Grade Level: 2-3

  • Tommy has bigger text and I just fixed the text on Tommy and Mrs. Sunshine. :)

  • "Just remember...Close your eyes and dream... you will get there."                                                                                --Mrs. Sunshine​

Mrs. Sunshine is back again! This time she must help the children and Mr. Gold, another teacher Tommy has autism and he and the other kids need to learn how to communicate and interact with each other. Mrs. Sunshine with Mr. Gold’s assistance, designs a kickball game to teach all the children these new skills.

HELEN ~ dyslexia

Helen has a superpower which is a photographic memory. She struggles with reading because of her dyslexia. Mrs. Sunshine is back again helping Helen find new strategies for her reading.


"Just remember...Close your eyes and dream... you will get there."

--Mrs. Sunshine

Jason and Kevin
~down syndrome

Jason and Kevin are boys with Down syndrome who are amazing students. With their struggles they teach another student the real value of life.  Jimmy starts to tease Jason and ends up understanding all types of people.   A bullying experience turns out right and everyone wins.

"Just remember...Close your eyes and dream... you will get there."

--Mrs. Sunshine


Oliver~ ADHD


Oliver has Attention Distractive Hyperactive Disorder and gets in trouble every day after lunch. His mom gives him medication in the morning, but it doesn't last. Mrs. Sunshine was told about Oliver's problem, so she is back in the classroom helping Oliver. She develops strategies to help him while in class. Oliver uses these strategies and they work! Come along with Oliver and Mrs. Sunshine to see what they used.

"Just remember...Close your eyes and dream... you will get there."

--Mrs. Sunshine


 Alexander and His Saxophone

~ A boy using music therapy for his Anxiety

Alexander puts a lot of pressure on himself. He always wants to be the best at everything he tries. He is very talented with his saxophone. When Alex gets nervous, he doesn't do well on his Tae Known Do promotion, and then he doesn't do well on his math test either.  His anxiety takes control of him and he needs to use his inhaler.  Come along with Alexander to see how he learns how to deal with his anxiety through his saxophone using music therapy.


"Just remember...Close your eyes and dream... you will get there."

--Mrs. Sunshine


Special Education Book
Midnight Versus Sunshine


Theresa is part of the special education group.  She is pulled out of her regular education class for extra tutoring in reading. Unfortunately, there is a struggle between the regular education and special education teachers.  The student gets stuck in the middle.  Find out if the teachers continue to feud or will they realize that when they work together, they can achieve their goal; to make their student reach her goal!

"Just remember...Close your eyes and dream... you will get there."  

--Mrs. Sunshine


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