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All children can learn, we just need to find a way together!


Author School Visits; an Interactive Play Assembly performance
1-hour program
Instructor: Theresa Mackiewicz, Award-Winning Author
In-person workshop for students
Suggested age:3rd-5th grade 
It is limited either to an assembly or a classroom setting.


Your Baby is Trying to Tell You Something!

Sign language provides a wonderful way for parents to communicate with their babies
and toddlers. Although every child responds at different ages, when learning sign
language hand gestures, a child typically begins communicating with his parents via
sign language by about 12 months of age, although some babies respond earlier.

4-week program
Instructor: Theresa Mackiewicz, a Sign2Me certified facilitator.
In-person workshop for parent & child
Suggested age: 6-12 months
Limited to 10 babies per program

Come and Join us at Honey Dew!


From Scribbles to Publication!

Tween and Teens express yourself through words in telling your original story. Write a
story to touch a younger child’s life. Create pictures with construction paper and write
your book like the teacher’s own award-inning book, Scribbles. Students will learn how to prewrite, write, edit and create their own work.

12- week program
Instructor: Theresa Mackiewicz, Award-Winning Children’s Author.
In-person workshop for Tweens and Teens
Suggested age: 12-16 years
Limited to 10 students per program

Teach the Teacher!

Learning Rigby: A Professional Development Reading Program Meeting the needs of struggling readers. A program to support and give strategies to help your student who finds reading hard. A 7-lesson module program packed with strategies to aid the teacher in reaching any child who struggles.
8 hours of instruction

Instructor: Theresa Mackiewicz, Rigby certified facilitator
In-person workshop
Suggested groups—Special Educators or English teacher
Limited to staff up to 25

Let’s Have Fun Together!

Autism Interaction Playgroup:

This program is to help students through ABA Therapy in a specialized interactive
setting with other kids. The students tap into their cross-curriculum skills in a fun play
setting while using their new communication skills. The staff will facilitate the play skills
and communication skills with their peers. Specific playgroup programs for various age
groups, from toddlers & preschoolers to middle and high school-aged kids. This is an
Autism inclusion setting, welcoming all kids on the spectrum or not. Siblings welcome.

1-2 Hours pay as you go program
Instructor: Theresa Mackiewicz, Award-Winning Children’s Author.
In-person play group
Suggested age: 1-3, 3-5, 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, Teens

Let’s be Frank!

THE CONVERSATION: For Parents & Teachers

This program speaks to the inclusion of teachers & parents of kids who struggle.
Understanding how the special education student really feels. To motivate a student, we
need to walk in their shoes. Through raw and candid discussion topics and feedback,
this program will make you aware of what the student feels so you can better
address their needs. You will learn about famous people who learn differently, explore
various challenges including a visual disability, and discuss subject matters a school
setting would have. A true depiction of what life is really like with a disability in school.

1 Hour program *Available as an ongoing monthly conference series!
Instructor: Theresa Mackiewicz, Award-Winning Children’s Author.
In-person workshop for elementary schools
Suggested age: 3 rd - 5th grade
Limited to an assembly or in a classroom of 30 students.

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